General Services

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  • Daily Weather Forecast:
    We provide information on daily weather situation. This is either through the print or electronic media

  • Individual Request:
    Weather information for specific functions for outdoor events. You may fax, phone or write to us stating date, time and location.

  • Public/Private Sector Institutions or Companies:

We provide information to agencies/institutions/organizations/and social services facilities providers (NGOs) etc.



We provide information on the following:

  • Rainfall

  • Evaporation

  • Humidity

  • Sunshine duration

  • Wind speed/direction

  • Temperature

  • Cloud Cover

  • Solar radiation



  • GMA provides services on individual basis to farmers, research institutions and other private and public agencies. Charges are levied depending on information sought and if required for profit making venture.

  • The GMA gives early warning forecasts of changing weather conditions eg. Imminent storm, wind (hurricanes)

  • Provide Agro-meteorological Bulletin and other meteorological publications.

  • The GMA provides advisory services to the general public environmental issues eg. Bush fires, the ozone layer etc.

  • Consultancy Services

  • We are committed to ensuring timely and efficient delivery of services as per our given time frames. Should there be delays or any complaints, contact the Client Services Unit.

  • We offer meteorological information /data for sale


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