24-Hour Forecast For Ghana


The Northern sector of the country is forecast to be partly cloudy this morning however with the northeastern parts still slightly hazy. The afternoon will be sunny with chances of isolated thunderstorms with rain in the late afternoon. The Middle and Coastal sectors are also expected to be partly cloudy this morning with major sunny intervals in the afternoon and some chances of isolated thunderstorm with rain later in the day. Early morning mist and fog patches are expected over forested and mountainous areas and along the coast.


Issued by Kotoka International Airport, Ghana Meteorological Agency forecast Office.

1 Regional Weather - Ashanti Region
2 Regional Weather - Northern Region
3 Regional Weather - Brong Ahafo Region
4 Regional Weather - Upper West Region
5 Regional Weather - Upper East Region
6 Regional Weather - Central Region
7 Regional Weather - Volta Region
8 Regional Weather - Eastern Region
9 Regional Weather - Western Region
10 Regional Weather - Greater Accra Region

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