Research and Applied Meteorology

The research and applied meteorology department has three main sub divisions. These are:

The Climate Research Unit

The Climate Research Unit is a sub-department under that of  Research and Applied Meteorology.  The Unit is responsible for various studies in the area of climate variability studies which includes: Climate Variability and Change, Seasonal Forecasting, Climate Services, Climate Information, Drought and Floods alert, Decadal bulletin and Climate Outlook.

Hydro-meteorological Unit

This unit identifies the key and relevant issues affecting or related to Ghana’s rainfall patterns and its distribution, floods and drought. Some tasks are as follows:
Generate statistical analysis of  precipitation data on weekly, monthly, seasonal, annual, decadal timescale. Flood and  Drought model simulation for Ghana as well as generation of rainfall Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF).

Agro-meteorological Unit

Agro-meteorology unit deals with the relationship between  weather conditions and agricultural production. The tasks performed includes:
Provision of advisories for crops planting, planting dates for optimum crop yields.