August 17, 2022

Agrometeorological Bulletins


Agromet Bulletins, June 1st Dekad-2021 541.88 KB 57 downloads

SUMMARY: Visibly, greater part of the country during the first dekad of June received...

Agromet Bulletins, May 3rd Dekad-2021 641.11 KB 20 downloads

SUMMARY: Substantial rainfall activities during the dekad was experienced over some...

Agromet Bulletins, May 2nd Dekad-2021 576.73 KB 15 downloads

SUMMARY: During the dekad, substantial rainfall amount between 40.1mm to 132.9mm...

Agromet Bulletins, May 1st Dekad-2021 576.32 KB 14 downloads

SUMMARY: Dividing the country into north and south, the concentration of the rains...

Agromet Bulletins, April 3rd Dekad-2021 572.53 KB 5 downloads

SUMMARY: The 3rd dekad of April has seen an increase in the rain coverage over the...

Agromet Bulletins, April 2nd Dekad-2021 573.48 KB 6 downloads

SUMMARY:The dekad witnessed wider coverage and increase in amount of rainfall activities...

Agromet Bulletins, April 1st Dekad-2021 580.70 KB 10 downloads

SUMMARY:Rainfall activities in the dekad decreased in terms of amount and distribution...

Agromet Bulletins, March 2nd Dekad-2021 600.93 KB 178 downloads

SUMMARY: The dekad experienced rainfall activities extending to part of the north...

Agromet Bulletins, March 1st Dekad-2021 533.80 KB 127 downloads

SUMMARY: The dekad witnessed an increase, in terms of rainfall and coverage over...

Agromet Bulletins, February 3rd Dekad-2021 577.97 KB 59 downloads

SUMMARY: In the 3rd dekad, the rains were concentrated more over the west coast....

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