October 21, 2021



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      Climate outlook for 2017 306.97 KB 38 downloads


      Agrometeorological Bulletins


      Agromet Bulletins, February 2nd Dekad-2021 646.83 KB 36 downloads

      SUMMARY: The dekad experienced an improvement in the rainfall, in terms of amount...

      Agromet Bulletins, February 1st Dekad-2021 621.94 KB 6 downloads

      SUMMARY: The 1st dekad of February experienced mostly dry condition throughout the...

      Agromet Bulletins, January 3rd Dekad-2021 614.23 KB 72 downloads

      SUMMARY: The 3rd dekad of January witnessed a drop in the rain amount and distribution...

      Agromet Bulletins, January 2nd Dekad-2021 605.04 KB 44 downloads

      SUMMARY: The 2nd dekad of January experienced a decrease in rainfall amount and increase...

      Agromet Bulletins, January 1st Dekad-2021 534.11 KB 44 downloads

      SUMMARY: The first dekad of January witnessed some rainfall activities, especially,...

      Agrometeorological Bulletin No.21, Dekad 3, July (21-31)2020 671.65 KB 332 downloads

      SUMMARY: The country generally, experienced rainfall totals of below fifty (50mm)...

      Agrometeorological Bulletin No.19, Dekad 1, July (1-10) 2020 716.04 KB 249 downloads

      SUMMARY: The dekad generally experienced a drop in the total amount of rainfall...

      Agrometeorological Bulletin No.14, Dekad 2, May (11-20)2020 525.29 KB 251 downloads

      SUMMARY: The dekad witnessed totals of over 50mm of rain along parts of the middle...

      Agrometeorological-Bulletin-No.17-Dekad-2-June-(11-20)2020 596 KB 281 downloads

      SUMMARY: The dekad witnessed totals of over 50mm of rainfall along the costal strips...

      Agrometeorological Bulletin No.15, Dekad 3, May (21-31)2020 598.24 KB 26 downloads

      SUMMARY: The coast and part of the south-eastern portion of the country received...

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